Have Fun in the Workplace

Retaining employees can be tough! How do some businesses do it? How do they have great people returning year after year? And how can I create the same company culture?

Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Could this apply to employees? Why not make a positive work culture that attracts people every day? What does that look like for your business? What would inspire your potential employees to see your workplace as someplace they would want to bring their friends? Or family to work with you? FOR YOU?

Could you have more fun? Work hard too but make room for enjoyment within your company! Creating a workplace culture that is genuinely a happy place takes time! But it starts with one day at a time. Begin with something that doesn’t take much time, like sharing an inspiring email or a joke over email or at a morning meeting. Could you have a company outing or team building activity for an hour or two? Too many employees? Split it up! Try a few different days with the same activity.

We all know it takes more money to get new customers and so repeat customers is where to save money. The same idea can be applied to employees too. Retaining your employees should be a company goal. Think about how you can retain your current employees and attract the employees you want to retain.

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