5 Tips To Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

You have open positions and you’ve done what you can to fill them. Put these tips to the test and see if your results improve!

  1. Stay Flexible – more than ever before, companies will need to remain flexible to retain their employees and attract new recruits. Be flexible on how you find, hire, onboard, and engage candidates. What you did in 2019 no longer fits! Agile is new word for recruiting approaches that are working. Being responsive, reactive, and flexible will attract potential employees who need to anticipate and meet the changing needs of your business while your company meets the needs of your employees.

  2. Learning & Development – continue to keep an open mind and up to date on the recruiting world. Coupled with flexibility, these two tips are as good as gold! There are new resources being developed quickly and old ones that are phasing out.

  3. Communication is Key (STILL) – we have learned that clear and consistent communication within our businesses and partners and communities has been critical to our success as a nation in recent years.58% of job seekers see great communication as the top factor in creating a positive candidate experience. Engaging potential hires and keeping them informed during the recruitment process can make or break your company’s ability to onboard new employees.

  4. Be Human – now more than ever, candidates need to see business leaders who are transparent in who they are, where they see their business heading, how they support employees and customers, and what they stand for.

  5. Partner with Professionals – teams like the one at First Choice Staffing know how to hire and are up to date with the latest trends in hiring. If you find you have openings and need help, we are here for you!

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