5 Tips To Find And Land A New Job

You are ready for the next turn in your career. You have thought through ideas, prepared your resume and written your cover letter. You have applied online. You have freshened up your wardrobe for your interview. What more can you do to ensure that you land the job you are looking for?

  1. Leverage Your Uniqueness – What sets you apart from other candidates? Make a list! Write it down. Why are you unique? Make these talking points with the potential employer. Highlight how these unique skills and experiences will benefit their company and how it has helped in your past positions.

  2. Negotiate your salary and your hours – You are worth it! Your time is worth it! Do not settle for less than you are worth. Get creative with your new company. How can they help make this transition more comfortable for you? They want to hire you, so help them understand what compensation package fits you best. Use resources like Glassdoor to get an idea on salaries for comparable positions. Be specific about your worth, why are you so valuable? Be flexible during negotiations, but firm. Be willing to compromise (which is different than settling!).

  3. Is the company growing? Consider this question as you search for the business you will be dedicating your time to. There is no doubt that businesses have struggled in recent years, ensure you have done your homework and you know that this business and industry is, in fact, the direction you would like to go in.

  4. Dig Deep. Ask yourself the hard questions! What are my life goals? Will this position allow me to meet these goals? Will this position afford my family the opportunities we would want to have? Will I be satisfied, personally, from this position? Are the company goals aligned with what I value on a personal level? Can I be who I want to be at this company? Will I use my talents, gifts, and experiences to their fullest at this position within this business?

  5. Should I stay or Should I go? If your current business or career will not check off all your answers to Tip #4, you need to consider the reality you are living and begin job hunting! Life is short and we do not know what will happen, so it is better to consider these changes now. While change can be scary because of the uncertainty but consider the alternatives. Do not let uncertain times stop you from starting your job search. Companies and businesses are searching harder than ever for the right person for the right job. You deserve your dream job. Go out and find it!

You are not alone in your job search! There are resources to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. Our professional staffing agents will help you explore your career interest! They will discuss your current experiences and education and guide you on what steps to take to help give you the best opportunities for you. Give yourself the chance to dream big.

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